Etsy Chronicles #0: the introduction


By the end of April I will be the proud owner of my very own Etsy shop. I am so thrilled and happy for this opportunity, though I have a lot to figure out yet. I was thinking that it may be interesting to keep a journal on the blog about the ups and downs I will come across along the way. It will give a bit of a insight about the entire creative process and how difficult it is to transition from a local reality to a global, digitalized one. Having two little kids I cannot dedicate my weekends to sell my work in local markets, so a virtual marketplace is ideal for me because I don’t have to spend hours on end behind a stall!

I’ve looked up so many forums and sites about opening you own shop on Etsy, so today I’ll just try to reassume what I think are the most important steps.

First of all, I’m focusing on branding: I think it is essential if you want to find your place in the big bad business world. I’m not planning on spending a lot of cash on that, though I have believe it is quite a gamechanger. I looked up on Etsy and I found many graphic designers that offer to create your own logo and all the nécessarie -I’m talking about shop banners, facebook covers and all. Premade designs are affordable and they make your business look very professional, so it is a double win!

The second step -a very important one- will be photography. The ideal would be to have a photographer having them taken for you, but that’s not always quite as simple. I am going to take my own photos with the help of a couple of kind friends. We are going to use a Nikon d3100, a tripod and a white background, using natural lighting only. Right now, the only objective we have is not taking blurry, dark pictures and trying to get better at it with time. At least at first, we will really try to keep it simple. Remember that Etsy allows up to five different photos per object!

Description of every item makes quite an important part as well, though secondary to pictures; visual informations is more catchy than written one. Apart from decribing the characteristics of the object, it seems to play quite an important role into Etsy’s  SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Basically, you need to pay attention to the words you use, because the right keywords can make you appear at the top of the search. Honestly, I don’t really get this SEO thing completely, but I found this article very useful.

I’m also figuring out the whole promoting part -actually, that’s the reason why I opened this blog in the first place- but as it’s quite a vast topic I’d rather cover it in a next post.

If you’ve come this far to the post, thank you! Even though I am just at the beginning, but I hope that going ahead sharing my experience will be useful for others and -why not?- myself as well.


Very first blog post

Thank you so much to stopping by!

I have created this blog in an attempt to finally getting social -that’s a lot harder than I thought at first, nonetheless exciting. I have worked locally for my whole life and -in all honesty- I’ve never been much of an internet fan. But here I am, certainly against the odds, trying my best to get something positive from this new adventure.


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